Elvis Presley's Home Vandalized By BLM Protesters

Now they've gone too far! We were silent while they burned Portland, Seattle, Chicago and even Atlanta. But when you start messing with Elvis...No sir!

Graceland is cleaning up after graffiti was sprayed on a wall along Elvis Presley Boulevard.

The Levitt Shell Amphitheater in Tennessee's Overton Park, where Elvis Presley gave his first performance, and the "I Heart Memphis" mural in midtown Memphis were also vandalized. "Abolish ICE” and “F–k Trump” along with a whole bunch of BLM's were spray painted.

The vandalism happened sometime in the early hours of yesterday morning.

I guess if they're willing to attack the Lincoln Memorial we shouldn't be surprised by any other attacks these lunatics launch. But Elvis loved the black community and did so much to help them while he was alive. I hope they catch the people who did this and teach them the Jailhouse Rock.

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