Should we all be wearing masks?

Some officials say “yes” all American's should wear masks. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams and others pushing back against it.

Adams says face masks are not an effective enough way to prevent COVID-19 unless you are also wearing latex gloves too because you can still transfer water droplets containing the virus when you touch your face to adjust the mask. He and others say it leads to a false sense of security which can actually be more dangerous.

Meanwhile, the CDC is considering making such a recommendation, but wants to protect the availability of protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, adding they don't want to make it worse.

Adding to the confusion in messaging, the World Health organization says people who are sick should wear masks to prevent spreading the illness, even if it's not a medical grade mask. However World Health Organization Executive Director Dr. Mike Ryan says there isn't enough proof to show wearing a mask would prevent a healthy person from getting sick.

In China, however,it’s now illegal to go outside without a face maskand everyone is also being asked to wear a face mask in the Czech Republic while in public. In Italy, seamstresses have begun producing tens of thousands of face masks to give out for free.

If you are looking to buy masks here's a post we did last week about a company selling them at cost.

Young mother putting on surgical mask for little daughter in the playground to prevent the spread of cold and flu and viruses

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