Do you or a business you know need masks?

I know a lot of us have been looking for masks especially those who work in the medical profession. I was speaking last night with a man from my church who told me about his brother and his efforts to help get masks to all American's. I asked if he could send me an e-mail with all of the details and here's what he sent.

Aaron Augello, an Ohio-born American living in China, is trying to make a difference. Having lived through the COVID-19 outbreak in China together with his wife, he has teamed up with a reputable Chinese manufacturer and supplier of surgical and N95 equivalent protective masks to help meet this rapidly mounting need back home, here in the United States. Augello is offering to connect all individuals and organizations who are desperately searching for PPE with this supply. 

His supplier, the Panther Group, is a Fulfillment by Amazon company. Recently Amazon has removed PPE products off of their commerce site worldwide, to prevent price-gouging, hoarding, and scams during this crisis, -- So Augello's manufacturer was left with a high quantity of PPE available while continuing to produce tens of thousands of these protective masks daily. For those interested in finding a way to help meet this need for medical PPE shortages in your area, Augello recommends purchasing masks directly from their source, and then donating them to your local hospitals, first responders, and other essential service members in your community. He recommends you email him at “” and he will respond as soon as he can."

Mask shortage

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