Research discovers the age when people are most miserable

Middle age is defined by researchers as 40-59. A new study confirms that middle age is an unpleasant experience for most Americans but the misery peaks at...47.2 years old.

The parameters for the “unhappiness” used in the study include feelings of “despair; anxiety; loneliness; sadness; strain, depression and bad nerves; phobias and panic; being downhearted; having restless sleep; losing confidence in oneself; not being able to overcome difficulties; being under strain; feeling a failure; feeling left out; feeling tense; and thinking of yourself as a worthless person.” says Dartmouth College professor David Blanchflower

...peak midlife crisis.

Good news for those that are married! You tend to be happier than those who are single at this age.

And more good news is if you hang on just a few more years happiness for middle aged people peaks at 54!

Do you believe this study?

Source:NY Post

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