Win Our Contest At 8:08 By Knowing This Trivia Answer

All of these are real headlines today except one. Know the fake news headline and be the 9th caller to (803) 978-9267 when we ask you to call around 8:08 and you'll win a family four pack to the OUTLAW’S CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO IN CAMDEN AT THE ANTIOCH COMMUNITY CENTER FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27th.

New Hotel opens at the North Pole with rooms going for $100,000 per night. True

Neighbors Don't Believe Woman Who Says She Can Only Function With The Help Of 3 Support Monkeys That Live In Her Backyard. True

Mother In Trouble For Accidentally Texting X Rated Pics To Under 7 Football Team True

The cheapest house in San Francisco is 570 sq feet and going for $500,000. False It's $600,000.

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