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Amateur Sleuth Follows The Clues And Solves A Mystery For A Distraught Wife

Earlier this month, Teri Rowland was driving across Wyoming with her husband Randy when they pulled over to the side of the road to let their dog out.

An hour down the road she realized the ring was missing, Teri and Randy searched their truck thoroughly but couldn't find it.

She’d last seen it when she took it off to moisturize her hands before their stop.

Teri decided to throw a prayer up on Facebook that someone else in that area could find it.

“Luckily, I knew approximately where we pulled off. At that exit, I recognized it had an interesting patch of gravel. It had caught my eye that there was a cattle guard, and we parked exactly between the second and third reflector pole.”

Teri joined a community page on FB for Glenrock WY. “I posted Sunday night, and I had a couple of people respond. I told them directions to exactly where we had parked".

Brandy Dority saw Teri's post and volunteered to help. "I've always loved solving mysteries and looking for clues. I also had lost my ring years ago and understood that pain and stress".

The ring had extra sentimental value for Teri as Randy's uncle had made their bands and has since passed away.  “They are unique, and they are special, and I feel pretty darn luck to get it back.  “Facebook can sometimes be frustrating, and it’s really nice when Facebook works for you in a positive direction.”

Brandy found the ring in the dirt after just a few minutes of looking. "Her description was amazing so it really wasn't too hard to find. It gave me some excitement to go search for it.". She overnight delivered it 170 miles away to Teri who happily paid for shipping and a little extra for the reward.

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