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Men Want Their Mommies When They're Sick

A new poll of 2-thousand of full time employed U.S. adults reveals 58% of men admit that they still wish their moms took care of them when they’re sick,

More than half of women (53%) prefer being left alone when they’re sick, compared to 47% of men.

One in four people have posted a “sick” selfie on social media

80% of women think they handle being sick better than men, but only 30% of men say the same.

When they’re under the weather, 52% of people confess to abandoning at least part of their hygiene routine, but women are more likely to do so than men (59% versus 46%).

A third (34%) admit they’ve gone at least three days without taking a shower when they were sick at home and another 30% skip their skincare routine.

But some people like to stick to their routines, like 20% of men who still exercise and 49% actually working despite their illness.

That may be because 23% of respondents say taking a sick day off is worse than just working while sick.

Boy measuring fever

Photo: Ridofranz / iStock / Getty Images

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