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High School Football Player Saves Crash Victims

Cayman Reynolds, is a 6'4" Tight End at Sonoraville High School in Calhoun, Georgia. Recently on his drive to school he came upon a two car accident. Because he's 16 the first thing he did was whip out his phone a get a video. "I actually pulled out my phone because I was going to be late, so I wanted to show my teacher this is why I'm late."

But in those 4 seconds he realized he didn't see anyone outside the vehicles.

He realized that neither of the drivers had left their vehicles. The SUV was on it's side, and the pickup appeared to be smoking like a fire was building.

Cymen sprinted to the pickup truck, pried open the door and saw that the driver's quad was basically torn in half. He was jammed under the steering wheel. As Cayman was attempting to pull him out, the man was screaming about his leg. "I'm like, ‘It's either this or you burn up in here, so we're going buddy.’"

He then turned his attention to the SUV, which was on its side. After using a wrench found among the wreckage to break out a window, he called upon a woman bystander who he described as "about 4'11" to climb inside the vehicle and unbuckle the driver. Then Reynolds pulled that man out of the burning vehicle to safety.

After saving the two strangers, Reynolds continued on to school, not telling anyone about his heroic act, but paramedics who responded to the crash reported his good deed to the school. The teen was later recognized at a Gordon County Schools board meeting, where one of the survivors, an employee of the school system, got a chance to thank him for saving his life. Reynolds is glad to have been able to help and believes it was fate that delivered him to that spot on that fateful morning.

Reynolds says he feels his steps were ordained that day. Every day he takes the same route to school, but that day he knew he had to take the long way.

"I didn't know why but God put it in my heart". Saving these 2 folks was obviously a priority to God and I'm so happy he chose me to be a part of that. It's pretty cool".

Pretty cool indeed .

Document: pialhovik / iStock / Getty Images

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