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South Carolina Is The Only State Where This Candy Is The Best Seller

 In honor of World Chocolate Day, which was Friday, the team at Menu Price analyzed the Google data on 30 much-loved candy bars to see which ones were the most popular in each state, and in the country overall.

The Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Bars are:

1.) Milky Way - It’s most popular in eight states: Alabama, Delaware, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Virginia

2.) Hershey’s - This classic candy bar is number one in seven states: Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

2.) Twix - Tied with Hershey’s for second place, it’s also the top choice in seven states: Alaska, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont

4.) Kit Kat - It’s the number one candy bar in five states: Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyoming

5.) Snickers - Five states love Snickers most: Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kansas, Indiana and Florida.

6.) Reese’s - In these five states, Reese’s is the most popular: Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico

7.) Skittles - It’s not even a chocolate bar, but it is the most popular candy in three states: Missouri, Colorado and West Virginia

8.) Bounty - This international candy bar is number one in both Louisiana and Oregon

9.) 3 Musketeers - For North Carolina, Arkansas and Washington, this is the most popular.

10.) Butterfinger - South Carolinians' have made this their favorite!

Waitress handing candy apple to young girl

Photo: Getty Images

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