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Stranger Driving Through A Neighborhood Saves Family

WTVR-TV reports that Bradley Stuller was driving in Colonial Heights, Virginia when he saw smoke pouring out of a house. He pulled over. "I met up with a young kid in the carport and I asked him if the house was on fire. He said, 'yes,' "I said, 'is anybody in there' and he said 'Me-maw is upstairs.'"

Bradley ran to the back of the house and went through the back door.

"It was pitch black, you couldn’t see anything. I hoped the stairs would hold me as I ran up the stairs and she was laying in the hall. I get her down the stairs and outside, but I could hear some crying in the living room. The fire is three feet away from me. I could hear the kids, six feet away from me. I just said to myself kids are worth it and closed my eyes said 'help me Jesus and jumped through the flames. Then I picked up the 2 kids in the Pack'N'Play and jumped back through the fire."

The kids are 1 & 2 years old.

Colonial Heights Deputy Fire Marshal Brett Jennings said "I believe the fire started in, on, or around that sofa area, it’s a sectional"

All three family members are currently in critical condition, but their relatives are extremely grateful that Stuller was able to save their grandmother. "I just thank him so much,” family member Destiny Davis says of Stuller, “He’s the reason my grandmother is alive."

crowdfund has been set up to support the family during this difficult time.

House fire, wooden home in flames, fully ablaze with thick smoke

House fire, wooden home in flames with lawnPhoto: Getty Images

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