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10 Year Old Saves Her 7 Year Old Sister

10-year-old Roselin Castro, was asked by her mom to look after her 7 year old sister while mom dropped off their 4 year old and 4 month old siblings at daycare before heading to school. Mom was only going to be away for 15 minutes.

Suddenly Roselin noticed smoke outside of their West Des Moines, Iowa, home. She went to investigate and by the time she got outside the kitchen was on fire. She rushed back in and grabbed her 7 year old sister who was already crying and frightened by the fast moving fire. As she was pulling her out of the house the girl started yelling about the dog. "We have to go save him". Roselin said no. He has to make it on his own. We can't go back it's too dangerous.

Thankfully the dog was just a moment behind them.

Mom came rolling back in shock. She could see the smoke almost the entire ride home and when she arrived her house was completely engulfed! The girls were at a neighbors house calling 911 so she didn't see them and was so panicked but just before she attempted to run in Roselin yelled "Mom".

West Des Moines Fire Marshal Mike Whitsell praised Roselin for her quick actions. "That fire was burning very intensely, and it was spreading rapidly, and so for them to be able to get outside, get everybody outside without any injuries - we are very fortunate."

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire. Roselin credits her knowledge of what to do during a fire to her school lessons. The family has lost their home and belongings, but Roselin knows what’s really important, saying, "The thing that is more important is family, not other stuff."

Two sisters hold glasses of hot chocolate in their hands.

Photo: Getty Images

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