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Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

Yesterday was National Slam the Scam Day! 

My office Chief Information Security Officer sent out some tips on how to avoid being scammed in honor of that and I thought others might benefit from this info as well.

The government-backed campaign started in 2020 to raise public awareness of Social Security-related scams and other government imposter scams. Last year alone, these scams, which can be received through email, text or phone, cost consumers over $500 million - so knowing how to identify and report them is important. 

First and foremost, a genuine government official will never:

  • Threaten arrest or legal action against you unless you immediately pay a balance.
  • Promise to increase your benefits or resolve a problem if you pay a fee or move your money into a “protected” account.
  • Request payment via gift cards, prepaid debit cards, wire transfer, internet currency or by asking you to mail them cash.


Here are some things you can do to actively combat these government-related scams:

  • Report scams to the Office of the Inspector General
  • Hang up immediately if you suspect fraud - and block the caller
  • Report, delete and do not respond to suspicious texts, emails or voicemails
  • Never give your personal, banking and/or credit card information to anyone unless you know they are legitimate
Bill torn revealing words You got Scammed

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