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The Greatest Letter To Santa Is Here

An amazing letter to Santa from a California second-grader is giving people all the feels as reported by KSBW. Hollister, California, teacher Julie Neff has shared with the world a letter to Santa that was written by one of her students. In her 27 years as a teacher, Neff says she’s never seen a more caring message from a student.

The letter was written by 7 year old  Anthony Cordova Jr. The letter reads:

Dear Santa,

This year what I want is different. I am not asking for any toys.

All I want is for people that don't have homes. I want all of those people to have one.

And all the people that have a disability I want them to not.

And for there to be world peace.

I wish that there were more kindness in the world.

All I want for myself is for me not to have lung problems, and for no one to starve.

I want for no more world hunger.

I know you can't get me that for Christmas but I believe that you could.

Love, Anthony Cordova Jr

Neff says she won the “teacher lottery” when she got Anthony and that he’s “an amazing human being with a heart as pure as gold.” She also believes the world needs more people like Anthony. This Christmas, we should all try to be more like Anthony .

Letter to Santa Claus in mailbox

Photo: Getty Images

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