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Woman Says She Heard From God And Does Something Dramatic Because Of It

 Rachel Baribeau was raised in Atlanta and attended Auburn pursuing a sports broadcasting degree. When her parents divorced she found out that her dad was actually a step dad. “I suddenly felt unloved and unwanted. … You don’t have to call your child something bad for them to believe that about themselves. Nobody ever told me I was unwanted or unlovable, but … as somebody who loves God, the devil is the enemy, right? I believe he planted those seeds.”

While her broadcast career was taking off she also became a drug addict. She was living a double life by her late 20's. “Whether you’re addicted to food, porn, shopping, gambling, sex, drugs—whatever it is, a lot of times you can hide it,” Baribeau said. “Then it gets to a point where you can’t. … My darkest moment came when I began to deal hard drugs to support my habit, because not only was it affecting me; I was contributing to the takedown, the delinquency, of other people.”

At her lowest point, she heard a familiar message from God: “I created you for more than this, Rachel!”

“He’d given me a vision right before I got clean that said, ‘You’re a runaway train going down the track right now, and unless you change course, get clean … you’re going to kill somebody else, kill yourself, end up in jail, break your family,’” she said. “I knew I was very close to doing that, so I used drugs one last time.”

She went to church for the first time in years the next day.

With the help of her new Christian friends she got clean and her career took off. She went from a local radio show in Tuscaloosa to XM/Sirius host. Around 2014 she felt God telling her to go further. She started volunteering to help charities that work with mental issues. In 2019 she started her own non profit and left broadcasting.  She now works with 60 colleges, border patrol, law enforcement, state halfway houses for ex-prisoners, and churches to help anyone who has strayed from their purpose to find hope and meaning in life once more.

Her charity is called Changing The Narrative because the story you allow yourself to hear dictates everything about your life.

God built all of us for greatness and sadly most of us allow the enemy to whisper a different story in our ears and it keeps us from all that our Father has for us. Change the narrative to the truth and you'll be amazed at what your life will become.

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