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Picking The Biggest Games Of The Week Including Clemson And South Carolina

Teddy Heffner on our sister station Fox Sports 1400 has me on Friday mornings around 9:15 to discuss the biggest college games of the week. If you want to pick the games as well you could win a tailgate package from Mathias Sandwich shop if you beat me! Teddy will give you the details on how to enter. Here's the 7 games he's picked for this week along with the point spreads and the tie break question at the bottom. Would love to hear you analysis of my analysis so let me know on social media @kellynashradio

Georgia vs S Carolina + 24

Take the Cocks and the points! According to UGA this is the loudest game they play most years. Even with a noon start there will be mistakes made because of communication breakdowns. Neither Georgia or their first week opponent Oregon played an FBS team in week 2. Georgia played FCD team Samford and the Ducks played FCS team the Eastern Washington Eagles. No way to get a real reading on either team because of that but my gut says Oregon was soft and over rated. This will be the toughest game Georgia has played this year. With that being said Georgia only scored 3 in the 2nd half against Samford. I’m sure the B team was looking to impress with a lot better performance. Georgia’s starters in the LB corps and secondary are all amazing athletes who are very young. Rattler put up 376 yards on a very good Arkansas D last week. I expect a couple of blown coverages this week to lead to more yards on quick passes! Look for Jaheim Bell to have a breakout game and Juice Wells to establish himself as a legit threat for the rest of the year. Georgia wins 45-30.


LA Tech vs Clemson +34

Only one more week till Clemson kicks off the football season against Wake Forest. So this is their final tune up game vs the Bulldogs of LA Tech. The Bulldogs lost by 4 TD’s to Mizzou but did move the ball and last week they hung 52 on Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks! Clemson is an infinitely better D but I imagine Tech is good for 10. So the question for this week is will Clemson bother scoring 45 or more points? They could have vs GA Tech or Furman but chose not to, and I imagine the results would be similar this week. A 38-10 type score makes me pick Tech.

Ole Miss -16 vs GA Tech

I can’t say enough bad things about GA Tech football program. They’re coming off a resounding 35-17 win over Western Carolina Catamounts. Tech did give up 14 in the first quarter and about 350 yards of offense for the game. It doesn’t appear that they can stop much so a ranked SEC team coming into their un intimidating Bobby Dodd stadium probably is a recipe for disaster. The fact that Lane Kiffen is at the helm of said SEC team means even more problems. I’m taking Ole Miss!

Miami vs TX A&M-5

This game puts on display the problem with the polls. Miami is ranked 13th best in the country and yet they are an underdog to the #24 team. Jimbo Fisher is on a warm seat now with Fox Sports reporter Bruce Feldman quick to point out “A&M has now lost 3 in a row to FBS teams. After their first 50 games at A&M Kevin Sumlin had one more win than Fisher 36-9 vs 35-7, and Jimbo has never beat a ranked team on the road while Sumlin had bagged 5 at this time. I expect A&M to lay the hammer down at home against the U. This is the U’s first road game with Mario Cristobal as their coach and it’s happening in one of the loudest stadiums on earth during a night game. Miami is 8th vs the run and A&M sucks at running coming in at 114th. So look for a lot of passes!

Penn State -3 vs Auburn.

Visiting the Tigers is never easy. The 3:30 kick makes it a little easier than when Auburn had to play at sold out white out game in Happy Valley last year, but not much. Penn State squeaked out a win which was a highlight in a disappointing year for both teams. Many thought Auburn would fire their coach and James Franklin made it painfully obvious that he would prefer the USC position, but then re upped with a frustrated fan base. Frustrated because Franklin's record against Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State is 7-16. Bryan Harsin has not been what Tigers fans had been expecting either. Auburn struggled to win Saturday over San Jose State. Auburn’s recruiting is way off as well! 2020 they ranked 8th. 2021 18th. 2022was 21st and their next class is currently ranked 60th! They have 1 5 star playing this week and a total of 9 four stars. Penn State has a 5 star and 10 4 stars on offense! They’ll put another 4 stars on Defense. Penn State has the beter athletes, a coach who has been there a decade. Auburn appears to be a dumpster fire with last season ending with 5 straight loses concluding in the Birmingham Bowl to Houston. Beating Mercer and barely San Jose State isn’t an impressive 2-0 start to the season. I look for a meltdown and Penn State to win by double digits.

Miss State -2 vs LSU

Night game in Death Valley is never easy. Bulldoqs QB Will Rogers connects on 80% of his passes and can read D’s as good as any QB in the league. LSU d was exposed in the FSU game as being confused by pre snap motion. If they haven’t cleaned that up not only will the passing game light them up but States RB Dillon Johnson is a crafty weapon as well. Even though this is only week 3 this almost a must win for LSU. They’re going to be underdog’s in at least 6 of their next games which could spell an 8 loss season for the first year of the Kelly era. They have to beat an unranked opponent in their stadium.

Oklahoma-24 vs Nebraska

Scott Frost is out after a humiliating loss for the once proud huskers to GA Southern. This week the #6 Sooners come to Lincoln to certainly win the game but by how much? Can they spot Nebraska 24? They beat UTEP by 32 and Kent State by 30 so I say yes.

Tiebreaker GA rushing yards. So far Georgia has rushed 57 times for 259 yards. They average 4.5 per carry. They have passed 80 times for almost 800 yards! They are a throw first team. Even against Samford they only ran the ball 32 times as opposed to 43 pass attempts. On the flip side Gamecocks D are ranked 82nd overall on Defense but 129th against the rush! The only 2 worse teams are Colorado and Hawaii. Only a fool wouldn’t exploit that. I expect Georgia to rush some more this week I’ll say they average 4 per carry and rush 40 times for 160 yards.





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