Stranger Saves Woman's Life By Telling Her This

Melissa Albin, 37, was playing with her children at a park near her home in Lyndhurst, Ohio, when she noticed a stranger staring at her. The Today Show reports that the stranger approached Albin and asked if she’d ever had the mole on the back of her arm examined by a doctor.

“She said, ‘I’m a dermatologist and it’s very concerning to me. I think you need to go get it checked as soon as possible.’” Albin recalls. Although she has no history of skin cancer in her family, she does have fair skin and her primary care doctor had urged her to get regular skin checks, so she had the mole examined.

Dr. Philip Bernard, at Cleveland Clinic in Solon, Ohio, removed the mole and a biopsy revealed it was melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. Fortunately, they caught it early and it hadn’t spread, but Bernard called the stranger a “savior” for bringing the mole to Albin’s attention. She has no clue who the mystery dermatologist is, but Albin would love to thank her. She says finding her “would be fantastic because how amazing would it make you feel to know that you had such an impact on someone’s life?”

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