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Single Men Wash Their Sheets Dangerously Few Times

Men are the grossiest sex. A new study confirms that. 45% of single men have waited up to four months to wash their sheets, which means about three times a year.

  • 12% actually say they only wash them “when they remember.”
  • Women are much more hygienic when it comes to sheets, with 62% saying they change them every two weeks.
  • Only 25% of men do the same.
  • When those single men couple up they do seem to get better with their sheets.
  • 35% of couples say they wash their sheets every three weeks.

Web MD recently discussed how not washing your sheets can lead to life threatening infections. Among sheets that went unwashed for 30 days scientists found a dangerous petri dish living where you sleep. them were Bacteroides, which has been linked to pneumonia, gonorrhea and appendicitis. They also found fusobacteriales, known to cause throat infections leading to Lemierre’s syndrome, and neisseriales, which can cause gonorrhea.

So, why do people wash their sheets so infrequently?

  • Well, the top reasons include:
    • Forgetting (67%)
    • Not being bothered (35%)
    • Not having other clean sheets to use (22%)
    • They shower at night so sheets don’t get dirty (18%)

And how often should people be changing their sheets?

  • Well, according to one expert, sheets, bed linens and pillowcases need to be washed once a week.
  • Blankets and duvets should be washed every two to three months.
  • Pillows can go four to six months without a washing.
Young Man And His Funny Dog Are Putting The Bedding Cover Or Mattress Pad On The Bed

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