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Sam Hunts Pregnant Wife Files For Divorce

This is a heartbreaking story.

Sam Hunt's wife Hannah Lee Fowler just filed for divorce claiming he cheated on her. What’s worse, the court documents reveal she is expecting their first child in May. 

Legal docs state Sam is “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct," and "guilty of adultery,” noting, “The husband is guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment or conduct toward the spouse as renders cohabitation unsafe or improper."

Hannah is asking for alimony, primary custody of their soon-to-be-born child and child support. She is also asking “the parties be awarded their respective separate property,” indicating that a prenup may be in place.

Sam and Hannah have been married since 2017. They've been together on and off for 14 years.

 Hunt told Entertainment Tonight in 2017 that he visited Hawaii "about seven times in three months" to try "to talk to her about coming back."

"The seventh trip I convinced her," he said.

On Sam's hit "Drinkin' Too Much" he sang an apology to Hannah

"I'm sorry I named the album Montevallo 

I'm sorry people know your name now and strangers hit you up on social media

I'm sorry you can't listen to the radio

I know you want your privacy

You've got nothing to say to me

But I wish you'd let me pay off your student loans with these songs you gave to me,"

If the infidelity claims are proven Sam is going to pay her a lot more than student loan debt.

56th Annual ASCAP Country Music Awards - Inside

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 12: Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler pose during the 56th Annual ASCAP Country Music Awards on November 12, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)Photo: Getty Images

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