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How We Feel About Leftovers

Jonathon & I discussed this morning how our wives don't like to eat leftovers. Then I saw this survey.

72% of Americans say they enjoy eating leftovers. The average weekly diet is made up of five home-cooked meals, three leftover meals, three takeout meals and three meals out at restaurants.

46% of people say they love leftovers because it’s easier than cooking. 32% eat leftovers because it’s affordable and they don’t have to buy more food.

As for what makes a good leftover:

  • Over half say it depends on how recently the food was made.
  • 46% says it depends on how it smells.
  • Another 46% says it depends where the food is from.

The overall best leftover food is soup/stew (79%), followed by:

  • Pizza (63%)
  • Meat (62%)
  • Pasta (60%)
  • Rice (55%)
  • Vegetables (54%)
  • Chinese food takeout (53%)
  • Roasted potatoes (52%)
  • Sandwiches (47%)
  • Tuna salad (47%)
  • Egg salad (47%)

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