Parents Stressing Over Getting Wrong Holiday Gifts

A new survey finds:

  • 76% of parents say finding the perfect gift for their children is the most stressful part of the holidays.
  • 75% say it should be considered an Olympic sport.
  • 83% of parents say it doesn’t feel like the holidays until their kids open their presents.
  • 80% say they feel guilty if their child ends up not liking their present.
  • 43% say they’ve seen their child cry or be disappointed by not getting the present they wanted. 

So, how do parents know what to get their kids to make them happy?

  • Well, 56% have no problem directly asking their kids what they want.
  • 83% say their kids have no problem being honest and telling them what they want for the holidays.
  • 51% of parents will discreetly bring up the holidays in an attempt to find out what their kids want.
  • Another 50% will ask their kids’ friends.
Coronavirus lockdow. Bored family watching tv helpless in isolation at home during quarantine COVID 19 Outbreak. Mandatory lockdowns and self isolation recommendations forces families stay home.

Photo: Getty Images

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