The Five Day Gratitude Challenge To Boost Your Mood

Thanksgiving is coming up and one of my favorite parts is when we have to announce what we're grateful for.

To help you get ready and an awesome exercise to do whenever you start feeling down, here is the Five Day Gratitude Challenge!

  • Day 1: Begin focusing on your five senses. Start by journaling this: “Today I am grateful for these three things I saw…” Days two through four, do the same for each of the other senses.
  • Day 2: Cultivate thankfulness with each breath. Check out this video for a simple exercise in breathing.
  • Day 3: Reflect on the gifts you got after going through hardship. Identify three of them.
  • Day 4: Express gratitude to others, in writing.
  • Day 5: Notice and appreciate the small stuff. Journal some of it.

Reminder! Each day you will add the exercise from Day one to your challenge.

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Photo: Getty Images

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