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How Many Hours Do People In Columbia Spend In Traffic?

Texas A&M Transportation Institute has come out with their 2021 Urban Mobility Report, revealing the cities with the worst traffic last year. Due to the pandemic, traffic dipped to its lowest levels in 30 years last year.

Combined, the top 15 cities with the worst traffic last year dropped, on average, from 312,680 to 152,347 total hours. Since 1982, the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim region of California had the worst traffic, but not in 2020.

This year’s report named the New York-Newark region the area with the worst traffic. Drivers in the New York-Newark area spent 494,268 hours stuck in traffic last year. The average driver there sat in 56 hours of traffic.

But how about those of us in Columbia? They say the average driver spent 19 hours in 2020 stuck in traffic. Greenville was 16 hours, Charleston was 26 hours. Charlotte was 24 hours and Atlanta was 37 hours!

Top 5 Worst Cities for Traffic

(hours each driver was stuck in traffic)

  1. New York-Newark (56)
  2. Boston (50)
  3. Houston (49)
  4. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim (46)
  5. San Francisco-Oakland (46) 
Traffic jam at road.Background blurred

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