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Top Excuses For Getting Out Of A Speeding Ticket

A new survey by reveals that 50% of people were successful in getting out of a speeding ticket by using an excuse. Here's the top 5 successful excuses:

1. I didn't know I was speeding

2.Medical emergency

3.Everyone else was going the same speed

4.Late for work

5.I had to use the bathroom

And if an excuse doesn’t seem to work, apparently another good way to get out of a ticket is to ask for a warning. In fact, 36% of people this year said they asked for a warning, and almost half of those got one. Although those stats used to be better, with 48% of people asking for a warning and getting out of tickets in 2019 and 2020. And if you still wind up getting that ticket, you can still get out of paying if you fight it. The survey finds in 2021 28% appealed their speeding ticket, with most of those people being successful in court.

Policeman giving driver speeding ticket

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