The Age Most American's Want To Be Is Surprising

According to a new study: If we could be one age for the rest of our lives, the majority of Americans would NOT want to be in their twenties.

Instead, most folks would want to be frozen at age 36.

Of course we can’t freeze time, but a lot of folks think they can look as if they do. 

In fact, half of those polled believe they look an average of five years younger than they actually are, and also feel at least six years younger. Plus, 41% of Americans say they are actively embracing the aging process.. 

So, what is making everyone feel and look younger than they actually are? Well, the top things respondents say are key to aging healthily include:

  • Eating healthy (61%)
  • Exercising daily (57%)
  • Drinking water (56%)
  • Taking care of their skin (54%)
  • Taking care of what their body tells them (46%)
  • Maintaining emotional health (41%)
  • Keeping a routine (26%)