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What's Normal? Facing The Shower Or Back To The Shower

It all started last week when a woman named Alice asked on Twitter “Help me settle a debate. It’s normal to shower with your back to the shower right? Not facing the water?” 

Well, while the statement seems simple enough, and not at all that controversial, folks on Twitter had some major thoughts on the subject, with many disagreeing with Alice.

“Back to the shower, for one simple reason, when washing you're not going to bend forward to wash your legs and headbutt the wall,” one person commented. “I am SHOCKED. I just assumed EVERYONE faced the water.”

But Alice did have plenty of people who had her back.

“Always back to the shower. Should never ever wash your face in there as most folk have the water too hot,” one person commented. “I only ever spin round to rinse suds off the boobs.”

Another added, “Surely everyone faces away or the water goes in your face?”

And there were also plenty who basically do both.

“I do both, then finish off with the handheld," one person shared, while another added, “I turn both ways, so now I'm thinking ohhhhh I'm a weirdo.”

“I do both. Facing when washing front, not facing when washing the back,” another added. “Side on for each side. Like a watery rotisserie.”

The tweet also prompted some to share their odd shower habits.

“Always start facing the shower. Wash my face turn around and whack the temp up,” one person shared. “I usually then sit down, hug my legs and put my heads on my relaxing."

Another quipped, "I don't like my face in the water at all, unless I've had a terrible day and you do that thing they do in films, where you put your hands on the wall and lean forward with your hair streaming down, like you've just blown up an entire planet and need some time to think." 

male back under the shower

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