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Chris Stapleton's New Song For His Late Dog

Chris Stapleton’s new album “Starting Over” dropped Friday, and it includes the tune “Maggie’s Song,” which is a tribute to Chris' dog, who passed away in 2019 at 14. 

"Every word and every stitch of that song is real things," Stapleton tells the “The Tennessean.” "She was a member of the family, and she deserved a song." Here's some of the lyrics and then the song below.

Let me tell you a story

About an old friend of mine

Somebody left her in a shopping cart

In a parking lot for us to find

Just a fuzzy black pup

She was hungry and feeling alone

We put her in the back seat

And told her we were taking her home


Run, Maggie run

With the heart of a rebel child

Oh, run, Maggie run

Be just as free as you are wild

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