Homeless Man Makes Donation To Repair Historical Society

Portland, Oregon, has seen more protests and riots downtown in response to the Columbus Day holiday, but a homeless man’s sincere gesture of kindness is helping to spread joy. A crowd of rioters smashed the windows at the Oregon Historical Society, stealing the handmade Afro-American Heritage Bicentennial Commemorative Quilt that was sewn by 15 Black women from Portland in the 1970s, and throwing flares inside the building.

The Oregon Historical Society has received donations in the aftermath, but executive director KerryTymchuk says “none have affected me as much as a gift from our neighbor, Oscar.” She shared a note they received on a handwritten napkin that came with a $1 bill from a local homeless man who saw the damage and wanted to help.

Oscar’s note explains that he’s homeless, so he doesn’t have much money to give, but he wanted to help. He explains that his donation comes from his bottle-collecting cash and he was inspired to give because the Oregon Historical Society once gave him a free tour. He writes, “So this is a thank you!”