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The Dixie Chicks Have A New Name

First it was Lady Antebellum who apologized for their name and changed it, now the Dixie Chicks have followed suit. Well they didn't apologize.

Perhaps inspired by a Variety OP Ed piece where the writer stated: “Dixie,” for the record, is the epitome of white America, a celebration of a Southern tradition that is indivisible from Black slaves.

So they are moving forward as "The Chicks".

There was no announcement, rather just a change to all of their social media accounts.

Many country fans abandoned the Chicks in 2003 after lead singer Natalie Maines announced at a London show “We’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.”

It will be interesting how their removal of Dixie will be accepted by fans in the South.

We'll find out soon enough as they announced last week that their new album will be released July 17th

The David Lynch Foundation Honors Rick Rubin

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