Son saves for 2 years to give dad a truck

A viral Facebook video of a dad receiving an unexpected gift from his son is melting hearts everywhere. Diantae Thomas, who plays in an indoor football league, saved almost every check he earned for two years to buy his dad, Lester, a truck. 

When it came time for the big reveal, Diantae led his blindfolded, sock-wearing dad outside. When the blindfold came off, Lester was so excited he jumped into his son’s arms. Then he broke down into tears of joy before checking out his fixed up silver Ford F-150. Apparently the landscaper and handyman had been relying on his wife to take him to work after his car broke down two years ago. 

Diantae said he felt compelled to show his appreciation for all his hard work. “My dad means a lot. He framed me to how I am today, showed me the odds and ends, showing me the ins and outs,” he explained. “Showing me everything to become a man. You only have one dad, you only have one mom. So I try my best to keep them happy, being the baby out of nine.”

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