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Real of Fake Headlines.

Parent brings own potty seat on board, sets it in aisle midflight to have child use in front of everyone over protests of staff and other passengers". True

Airline passenger allegedly allows child to use potty in ...

Well, that's one way to avoid the line for the restroom. An airline passenger was reportedly spotted allowing her toddler to use a portable potty in the aisle of the plane — and then becoming ...

Man receives Half million dollar bid after listing "used girlfriend" in the for parts or not working section of EBay. Said it has a constant whining sound that can't be shut off.  False It was actually about $90,000

Man puts 'used' girlfriend on eBay with rude description ...

A man who put his girlfriend on eBay in a listing saying she 'you can see she's been used' admits the plan backfired when he received bids of up to £70,000.

Poor man discovers money launders were using his bank account to launder millions of dollars. If he had only checked his account he could have had anywhere from 10-75 million dollars! True

Pakistani ice-cream seller unaware of £14m in his bank ...

A Pakistani ice-cream salesman who lives in a slum is facing meltdown after he learned that for more than a year he was the unwitting owner of a bank account containing 2.3bn rupees (£14m).

Man who wwanted to propose in front of the magic castle is suing Disney because he was told he had to move because the Disney Parade was coming through. True

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