Bus Driver crochets toys for every kid on her bus.

Wisconsin school bus driver Trudy Serres loves the elementary school kids on her route, so much so that she’s crocheted each and every one of them a toy. And she didn’t just make a bunch and pass them out - she took orders and made a custom creation for all her students.

Serres has made tacos, ice cream cones, unicorns, “Star Wars” characters, and “Trolls” dolls. Anything these kids ask for, she crochets for them. The kids adore Mrs. Trudy and the special gifts she makes them. And the feeling is definitely mutual.

Parents have written to the principal of Summit Elementary School praising Serres for her creations. But she says the students’ reactions are the only payment she needs. “They would gleam when they saw them,” she explains. “I love children and to see their faces and their reactions - that’s what makes my day.”

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