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Billionaire is investing his fortune to clean the oceans

The world’s oceans will be cleaner thanks to a Norwegian billionaire who says he’s going to give away most of his fortune to make it happen. Kjell [[Chell]] Inge Røkke [[Rock]] is described by Forbes as a "ruthless corporate raider," Røkke made his billions as the majority stakeholder in shipping and offshore drilling conglomerate, Aker. But he started out as a fisherman and now he’s planning to build the world’s largest mega-yacht that will also scoop plastic pollution, which he says is a big threat to oceans.

The Research Expedition Vessel (REV) is being built in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund and it’ll have the power to suck up five tons of plastic a day. And all that plastic will then be recycled. 

He will also employ dozens of researchers on the ship. The researchers will attempt to answer some of the most pressing questions facing our seas:

• What impact does CO2 emissions have on the oceans and ocean acidification, and what can we do to reduce the effects?

• How can we overcome plastic pollution, which is causing extensive damage throughout the marine food chain?

• What can we do to save endangered species?

• How can we reduce bycatch and make harvesting of marine resources more sustainable?

• Are there untapped resources in the oceans, which through sustainable harvest could provide new sources of food or energy for future generations?

"I want to give back to society the bulk of what I've earned," Røkke explains. "This ship is a part of that."

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