McDonald's worker celebrates 25 years without missing a day

For 25 years Diane Johnson has been coming to work at McDonalds in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And the 76-year-old has never called in sick once in all those years!

She handles over 600 cars during her daily five-hour shifts at the drive-thru window and she gets more compliments than any other employee, according to her manager. Johnson knows many of them by name and even knows their regular orders, some of their birthdays, and names of their children.

Speaking of children Diane has 17 of her own! One of those children is Tyrone who manages a Goodwill store. He says "A lot of my employees can’t make it through a 40-hour work week without calling in sick. She’s never called in sick once in 25 years. Words cannot describe the impact she has had on our family.”

Johnson doesn't rest when she goes home either. On her off days she visits seniors at a local nursing home, many whom are younger than she is! She also walks the track at the YMCA several days a week.

She said she doesn’t knit or quilt, because those hobbies would require her to sit down. “I work in my garden, I love everything that comes up. I can and freeze,” she said. “I don’t sit down when I get home.”

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