French Presidential Election sets embarrassing record

Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen yesterday to become the next president of France. Le Pen conceded shortly after polls closed and sources say she immediately called Macron to congratulate him saying, quote - "France has voted for continuity."

And it wasn't even a close call, Macron received 65.8% of the vote, compared to Le Pen's 34.2%. Here's the kicker - Despite only 2 people running LePen came in 3rd. Macron had 20.3 million votes, Lepen had 10.7 million but people who left either name off their ballot came in 2nd with 12.2 million. The previous record was 4 million. 

The best news? While security was tight with more than 50-thousand security forces guarding polling places against possible attacks - the events were without issue.

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