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Andy Woods

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Struggling to name the newest family member? This may help.

This may help if you just got a new puppy and are trying to come up with the perfect name right away. This may help. The Top Dog Names of 2022.

If you are a cat person and in the same name predicament, there's help for you too.

For male cats here are the most popular currently:

1. Oliver

2. Milo

3. Leo

4. Charlie

5. Max

6. Loki

7. Simba

8. Jack

9. Ollie

10. Jasper

Female cats most popular names are:

1. Luna

2. Lily

3. Bella

4. Lucy

5. Nala

6. Callie

7. Kitty

8. Cleo

9. Willow

10. Chloe

Here's one of my cool cats. He is Oz.

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