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Do We Live In The Most Stressed State In The United States? Take a look...

Businesswoman with head ready to explode due to stress and overwork

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Here's how the most and least stressed out states stack up.

Most Stressed States

  1. Louisiana
  2. Nevada (No. 1 in "Family-Related Stress" category)
  3. New Mexico
  4. West Virginia (No. 1 in "Health- and Safety-Related Stress" category)
  5. Mississippi (No. 1 in "Money-Related Stress" category)
  6. Arkansas
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Alabama
  9. Texas
  10. Tennessee

Least Stressed States

  1. Nebraska
  2. Massachusetts
  3. North Dakota (last in "Money-Related Stress" category)
  4. Hawaii (last in "Health- and Safety-Related Stress" category)
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Wisconsin
  7. South Dakota (last in "Family-Related Stress" category)
  8. Minnesota
  9. Utah (last in "Work-Related Stress" category)

See how other states fare here.

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