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Can you add anything to this list of ANNOYING things?

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A Reddit thread recently posed the question "What’s your 'fingernails on a chalkboard' that’s not fingernails on a chalkboard?" Here's the list they got. Got any you could add to this list?

·I know someone one who can’t stand the sound of styrofoam squeaking/smudging together.

·When your fork or knife scratches the plate in that super high pitch tone.

·People chewing with their mouths open.

·Mine is trying to get a knot out of a rope or string with my teeth. Makes me almost vomit every time.

·Dentist Drill . . . I shudder just thinking of the high pitch spinning mouth pain tool.

·People dragging chairs on the floor because they're too lazy to carry them

·Cotton balls. I can't touch them, my siblings hate them too.

·Close your eyes and imagine licking a paper towel

·Teeth on silverware

·Children screaming. I have sensitive hearing so it literally hurts my ears when a child tries to hit the high C.

·Tearing cardboard.

·If you’re using a regular (non-mechanical) pencil and you go to erase something and the metal eraser casing scrapes on the paper 

·When someone is making a balloon animal/item or whatever.

·Sharpies on paper. That squeak is unbearable.

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