Disney Accused Of Brainwashing Park Visitors

Walt Disney World Main Street USA

Photo: Getty Images

The theory that Disneyland is brainwashing guests into buying food through the use of "smellitizers" is being batted around social media now. The claim is that Disney makes the park smell like delicious food to encourage visitors to buy more and more food. Here's one such post:

There seems to be some truth to this. A former Disney employee says they used Smellitizers to “provide a complete experience.” 

They didn’t just design them to brainwash you into buying churros. The patented machines just appeal to your emotions and enhance your experience.

This isn't the first time this has been done though. Theaters used to use something called “Smell-O-Vision” in the 1950s, but the smells distracted from the actual film and it took too long for them to reach the audience. Thus, they never properly synced with the movie. Disney has since refined the technology.

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