He Saves A Mom & Baby That Were Being Swept Away In River

On January 2nd parts of England experienced massive flooding. One young mother trying to get home with her baby got into some water rushing across the road and pushed into a river. The car was being swept out to the ocean when it hit the bottom of a bridge. The rushing water kept it pinned to the bottom of the bridge so it wouldn't go any further but it was also rising which meant in a short period of time it would be completely submerged.

Liam Stych, a 28-year-old dad from Birmingham could hear the mother's desperate cries for help that someone come save her baby.

Acting quickly, Stych dangled off the bridge, grabbed the woman’s toddler and handed her off to his girlfriend. Next he busted out the car's rear windows. “I secured the car to the bridge with the ratchet straps so it wouldn’t drift any further under the bridge.”I then told the woman to climb into the back and get out the window.

“She managed to get out and we held hands to jump together into the water after a count of three. (The current) was really strong and I dragged her out of the water.”

The West Midlands Police are hailing Stych as a hero, but Liam says "how do you not do everything you can to save a woman and her baby"?

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