Man Miraculously Survives 1000 Foot Fall

While hiking along on the Koolau Summit Trail in Oahu, Hawaii, last week, 34-year-old Ian Snyder  when he slipped off the trail and fell 1,000 feet! For three days, Snyder was stranded at the base of a waterfall, alive but seriously injured, before being located and airlifted to safety.

When Snyder's family back in California didn’t hear from him, they reached out to the local hiking community for help. Based on a video he posted to social media, they were able to figure out where he was hiking before the accident. A search effort involving local hikers, the Honolulu Fire Department, and EMTs resulted in him being found and rescued three days after his fall.

At a new conference this week, Ian said "It’s a miracle of God first and foremost that I’m here. It's another miracle that you found me! I'm so incredibly glad to be here and glad to be in mostly one piece. I’m incredibly grateful to all of you for the job you do each and every day.”

He doesn't remember slipping and has no idea how long he was knocked out. He had landed at the base of a waterfall so he was able to drag himself to get water.

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