Man Decorates His Entire Neighborhood

Former landscaping business owner Stephen Dunkelberg from Bixby, Oklahoma, decided to spread Christmas cheer illuminating his entire neighborhood with festive lights. He had a vision of lighting up all the houses on his street, Stadium Road, which were previously dark during the holiday season. With a surplus of Christmas lights leftover from his business, Dunkelberg took on the task with no expectation of profit or recognition, but purely to bring joy to the community.

After getting his neighbor’s consent, he spent two weekends installing the custom-cut lights for 22 of his neighbors free of charge. Neighbor Molly Garrison expressed her appreciation for Dunkelberg’s generosity, and Debbie Todoroff was relieved she wouldn’t have to worry about her dad putting up the lights.

Everyone agrees that the lights have really transformed their road, and it’s fostered a sense of connection among the residents. Dunkelberg believes so too and adds that it’s been a great way to get to know his neighbors. This is the second year that he’s made Stadium Road a festive and inviting attraction for the whole town and he says he intends to continue the tradition for as long as he’s able.

See the video here

Boulevard with illuminated trees, Berlin, Germany

Photo: Martin Diebel / fStop / Getty Images

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