Blake Shelton Going Untraditional For Christmas Dinner

Christmas traditions vary from family to family. You'd guess that in the Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani household, Blake would be the uber-traditional type while Gwen may go in another direction. You'd be half right. Outside a taping of "The Voice" this week, Gwen told "Entertainment Tonight" that she was in fact brought up in a very traditional household, and that informs how she and her husband have developed their own Christmas traditions.

Speaking specifically of Christmas dinner, Gwen said, "We started off by always trying to find something that wasn't a tradition - like, let's try something different, try something new," she recalled of their holiday dinner routine. "We stumbled across this dish called the Timpano Dome... it's basically like a lasagna but it's in this dome formed either with bread or a pasta. We started doing that a few years ago and now that's the thing, yeah." Gwen went on to say that they put their own spin on the traditional Italian dish. 

"Probably some Italians might get mad about this, because typically it would be a pasta wrapped around it, but we started doing a pizza dough because it tastes yummy," she noted. "Maybe I'll make the dough myself this year - which would be a lot on Christmas day... But I might actually do it the day before." An Oklahoma country boy - going Italian for Christmas dinner? As many have said before, marriage changes a person. But we have to admit it sounds delicious. 

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Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

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