Pizza Employee Saves All Of The Customers Lives

A pizza restaurant employee in Hendersonville, Tennessee, is being praised for saving his co-workers and customers during a tornado this past weekend. The unnamed employee acted quickly as heard the sirens. Despite being just a teenager he yelled a tornado is in the area and everyone needs to follow him immediately. He took them into the walk in freezer and brought in table for them to shelter under tables as the tornado passed.

20 businesses on New Shackle Island Road including the restaurant were destroyed. 3 people died and dozens were sent to the hospital. However everyone in the pizza restaurant left without a scratch.

Reflecting on the event, the employee told WSMV TV says he was initially nervous, especially with a building full of customers including some little children. He describes the scary experience of the building shaking and the winds whistling through the doors, fearing the building was about to collapse. However, the young employee remained focused on ensuring everyone's safety, showing remarkable courage and responsibility under pressure.

Tornadoes Leave Damage In Tennessee As Powerful Storm Moves Across The Country

CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE - DECEMBER 10: Residents and visitors work to clear debris in search of pets and belongings of a destroyed home in the aftermath of a tornado on December 10, 2023 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Multiple long-track tornadoes were reported in northwest Tennessee on December 9th causing multiple deaths and injuries and widespread damage. (Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images)Photo: Jon Cherry / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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