Family Shocked To Discover They're Helping NFL Player

While on his way to last Sunday’s game, Arizona Cardinals linebacker Jesse Luketa got a flat tire and didn’t have a spare. Stuck at a North Phoenix gas station with no way to get to the stadium where he needed to be in 45 minutes, he noticed a man at the station wearing a Cardinals jersey. Jesse asked him if happened to be going to the game. J.W. Phillips said he was with his wife and his three kids were ecstatic about seeing their first NFL game.

Jesse explained that he had a flat and needed a ride and that he was a linebacker for the Cardinals. When he told them his name the entire family gushed that they were fans!

During the 45-minute drive to the stadium, the linebacker talked to the family about Thanksgiving, his family and growing up in Ottawa, and the kids grilled him about fantasy football. Luketa appreciated the family's kindness, and they managed to get to the stadium with just minutes to spare.

In gratitude for their help, Luketa gave the Phillips family his parking pass so they could park with the players and then arranged for friends and family access at the stadium. He met up with them again after the game for a photo. Later on social media, Luketa noted that “good people still exist.” He plans to further show his appreciation by getting he family tickets for another game in the near future.

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