South Carolina Restaurant Among The 25 Best New Restaurants In 2023

Photo: JaysonPhotography/iStock/Getty Images

South Carolina is once again being recognized as the home of some of the best new restaurants in the country.

Yelp released its picks of the 25 best new restaurants in 2023 to shout out "the rising stars of the culinary world." To determine the list, Yelp looked at full-service restaurants that opened after January 1, 2022, ranking its picks based on factors like volume and ratings of reviews between January 1, 2022, and August 7, 2023.

One restaurant in the Palmetto State is among the best new eateries in America: Burnin 99. Coming in at No. 23, this all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and Chinese hot pot eatery in North Charleston is a must-try, offering a variety of soup bases, meats, vegetables and sauces to craft your perfect dish.

Here's what one Yelp reviewer had to say:

"A unique and fun opportunity, and by far the best in Charleston. They will walk you through veggies, meats, broths, and grilling techniques. We did the hot pot/grill combo. The spicy broth was incredible. Be prepared for every kind of protein and veggie you can imagine. The sauce bar is really great, and they offer some suggestions if you don't know what to mix and match. A very cool vibe, and we will definitely be back."

Check out the full list at Yelp to read up on the best new restaurants in the country.

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