Parents Discuss The Hardest Questions Little Kids Ask

A survey of 2-thousand parents of kids ages six and younger finds that curious children tend to ask “what?” (37%), “when?” (22%) and “why?” (11%) most often. Kids also commonly ask questions to better understand the world around them (76%), like about animals, nature, current events, and home experiences. Other popular topics include school subjects (64%), like math and science, and home-related inquiries (62%), including questions about parents, siblings, and caregivers.

The poll also reveals:parents answer an average of 11 questions from children under 6 every day. The most interesting questions parents say their kid has ever asked include “Why is the sky so high?” and “Why can fish keep their eyes open in water?” Moms and dads don’t always have the answers, admitting they can only confidently answer an average of 42% of their child’s questions.

Father talking to Daughter While Working

Photo: Yellow Dog Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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