Utah Family Had 1 Chance To Be Saved

A Utah family's holiday adventure to cut their own Christmas trees in the Stansbury Mountains turned into an unexpected ordeal when they became stranded. Ricky Poarch, his son Jeremy Poarch, daughter-in-law Sadie Poarch, and their three children, they took off around 1p on Sunday. The trip turned dangerous when their trucks got stuck in the snow, leaving them stranded in the cold with limited resources.

The situation grew tense as daylight faded, but Sadie climbed about a mile up a hill in 2 feet snow to find cell service and managed to find one spot as her battery was dying she had time to make one call. She was so thankful that her sister-in-law, Miranda, answered. Miranda posted about the dilemma on social media. The post quickly got the community’s attention, with around 40 people offering assistance. As the family waited, Ricky and Jeremy tried to dig out the trucks, while Sadie hoped for a miracle to rescue them and their children.

Then just as night fell, a group of experienced off-road rescuers arrived in their Jeeps with winches and tow straps. They successfully freed the family's trucks and refused any compensation for their help. The family returned home safely, grateful to their rescuers and the community for their quick response. Ricky summed up the family’s feelings best, saying, “You just can’t say thank you enough. You really can’t.”

Bad road conditions during heavy snowfall in Germany

Photo: ollo / iStock Unreleased / Getty Images

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