Man Helping Out Cashier Wins Huge Prize

Illinois resident Michael Sopejstal was driving through Michigan and stopped to pick up a Michigan Lottery Lucky for Life ticket at a gas station. He asked the attendant to give him a single ticket for the next 10 draws, but instead he was given 10 tickets for one draw. Sopejstal decided to keep the ticket as he didn't want to make life difficult for the cashier who looked pretty stressed.

Michael's decision to keep the 10 tickets payed off huge as his 9th ticket hit the jackpot! He wins 25 grand a year for the rest of his life. He ended up taking home a lump sum of $390-thousand.

The odds of winning five white balls in the Lucky for Life game, as Sopejstal did, are 1 in over 1.8 million. The lucky winner intends to use his newfound wealth to travel and plans to save what’s left over.

Cashier smiling at customer on checkout line in supermarket, close-up

Photo: Noel Hendrickson / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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