Sheriff Says He Saw A Miracle In Greenville SC

Oconee County, South Carolina, Sheriff Mike Crenshaw described a miracle.

27 year old Deputy Corporal Lucas Watts, was shot in the head while attempting to pull over a vehicle last Thursday. Due to the remote location of the shooting, deputies decided to put Watts in a pickup truck and drove as fast as possible to a local fire department where an an ambulance was waiting to take him the last 20 minutes to the hospital. Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis got to the hospital first and when Sheriff Crenshaw arrived Hobart told Crenshaw that Watts' wound was "not survivable.". The bullet was lodged in his brain. They were hoping his wife would be able to hold his hand for a moment before he passed.

When his wife, Haley, touched him, Watts responded with movement and a tear. Despite the need for risky surgery, he survived and began responding to verbal commands and moving his limbs slightly, though he was still in critical condition. Crenshaw says he witnessed "a dead man come back to life."

Speaking at First Baptist Westminster on Sunday, Sheriff Crenshaw conveyed his strong belief that it was a miracle that saved Corporal Watts. "I don’t know why we are in this. But folks I am here to tell you from the time he got shot to the time his wife touched him had to be 2.5 to 3 hours. I saw a dead man come back to life. Not because of Mike Crenshaw. Because of God and because of intervening prayer I truly believe. I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I’m telling you God performed a miracle Thursday night in Greenville, South Carolina. I’ve got no doubt in my mind. He made that clear to me.”

There's a GoFundMe for the family happening here.

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