Hunters Against Hunger Make A Huge Donation

One of the first organizations of it's kind Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) has been connecting hunters with local charities to donate venison since 1991. We have a similar program, SC Hunters For The Hungry that started in 2004. They encourage hunters to give back, guided by the principle that with great privilege comes great responsibility.

The process is straightforward: hunters donate their venison to a participating processor where it is prepared and tested for safety. The processed meat then reaches those in need, filling a crucial gap in food resources. Processors receive some reimbursement for their services, funded by hunters who contribute extra when purchasing their licenses.

This cycle of generosity extends from hunters to processors and ultimately to the dinner tables of those facing food insecurity. MSAH just announced that they donated over 107-thousand pounds of venison and will provide a million meals this holiday season!. And in addition to helping those who need food assistance, the initiative also helps to keep wild deer populations in check.

The SC Hunters For The Hungry have donated over a half million pounds and more than 2 million meals! If you want more information you can click here.

Bow Hunting glassing in the Appalachian Mountains

Photo: Cavan Images / Cavan / Getty Images

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